A Research-Based Curriculum in a Christian Environment

Mrs. Watkins and a student celebrate a birthday during morning chapel time.Nurtured in a Christian environment, the Episcopal Day School program promotes growth in all areas of development: social, emotional, physical and intellectual. Since all children do not proceed at the same rate through stages of learning, movement between stages is a process of maturation. Learning experiences congruent to the child’s development level are offered resulting in the acquisition of a strong foundation of concepts necessary for future learning and the mastery of age appropriate skills.

The theological basis for the curriculum is that truth comes from God. God is present in all the school activities. As a church school, the Day School will help each student to understand that the knowledge and service of God and humankind lie at the heart of wisdom and to see faith in God as the unifying force which relates each person lovingly to the home and the world.



Get Set for School Pre-K Curriculum by Learning Without Tears

Preschool children working at a classroom table at EDS. The Episcopal Day School proudly uses the Pre-K: Get Set for School curriculum by Learning Without Tears. It is a research-based curriculum that includes three programs designed to prepare children for school. The programs are Readiness & Writing, Language & Literacy, and Numbers & Math. Get Set for School is play-based with a multisensory approach. To learn more about the teaching strategies used at EDS, visit: www.lwtears.com/gss.

Read the RESEARCH REPORT on the Efficacy of the Get Set for School Curriculum