A people passionately seeking to love with the heart of Christ, think with the mind of Christ, and act in the world as the Body of Christ.


“…that we may be faithful stewards of thy bounty…”

- The Book of Common Prayer

Fulfilling Common Committments

People sometimes feel conflicted when it comes to money and the Church. On the one hand, our culture sends powerful messages that beckon us to worship money and wealth. On the other hand, many hold the notion that money is the root of all evil. Some even feel discussions about money are out of place in the church.

pledge-info-mealA healthy theology of giving understands that money is a neutral medium of exchange that can be and is used in a variety of ways. Christians are called to a life of stewardship of our time, talents and treasure as we intentionally make choices that reflect our primary values. Our values are rooted in our relationship with God in Jesus Christ.

We understand life and the resources to thrive as God’s gifts, and seek to make our faith in God tangible by giving joyfully to the mission and ministry of God in the world. The prayerful giving of time, talent and treasure toward the mission of Body of Christ is a deliberate choice that necessarily impacts our lives.

suz-windowAnnual Giving

Each fall the parish conducts a pledge drive through which we urge all members to make a financial as well as time commitment – a pledge – to the mission and ministry of the parish for the coming year. Each year’s Statement of Mission (operating budget) is developed based on anticipated pledge income.

With your continued commitment of TIME, TALENT and TREASURE in 2017, together we will build on all we have already accomplished!

Why Pledge?

Our goal is for 100% of our membership to pledge. On one level, pledging is an important help to the parish leaders; they can plan well for the coming year when they have accurate income information. But on a deeper level, pledging is a spiritual discipline for each of us, because it represents a real commitment of faith: a clear, tangible step toward making stewardship a deliberate act.

How Much to Pledge?

Each person must decide. Two guidelines might help:

  • Be intentional and prayerful.
  • Pledge a proportion of your income that gets your attention, an amount that makes an impact on your life.

Pledges are confidential and only known to the parish administrator.

Do we think about our parish needs when we make our pledges?

To quote Ben Skardon from The Tempo article published earlier this year, “We have fingers in more pies than we can even count and it is a very good thing to be so much involved in so many forms of giving. Outreach is living the Gospel in the world; therefore, I pray that we may always continue those efforts in the future.”

pledge-info-pieOur pledges support the ministry staff, the facilities and our many programs and outreach ministries. As with any household, we need a budget to ensure that we address our basic obligations so that we know what we can commit to the outreach programs and other ministries that all have a special meaning to us.

Your pledge informs and guides our plan for the upcoming year – so that we can grow our parish and support and expand the reach of our ministries. Based upon what is pledged, we decide what we can and cannot do in the upcoming year.

pledge-info-windowHow to Make a Pledge

There are two simple ways to pledge to Holy Trinity:

Fill out the pledge form on the back of this brochure and mail it to the church office, or

Make an online pledge by filling out this form. Make an online payment via eCheck or any major credit card by going to this page.  There, you can log in if you’ve already set up your online profile, or you can create a new profile. If you need help setting this up, contact Lynne Farmer at lfarmer@holytrinityclemson.org or 654-5071.

We’re very grateful for your support!