Our Doors:

Beloved Parishioners:

We are embarking on a new phase in the life of our parish. A vestry committee under Tommye Hurst has been working diligently with the design-build team of Signature Architects and Trehel Builders to create a plan for the portion of our church property adjacent to the parish hall. Upgrades to this property are necessary not only to bring the parking lot into alignment with city ordinance, but also because this portion of our property is the “welcome mat” of our church home. The plan, based on your thoughtful responses to surveys and your input during our 2020 planning process, is an attempt to realize the parish’s shared vision.

The plan addresses four key goals:

  1. Help everyone feel welcome. The church needs an attractive public face that the community can both see clearly and access easily.
  2. Make better use of existing space. Our current resources need to be more accessible to be used optimally.
  3. Ensure our community is secure. Entry to our church, Day School, and offices needs to be simplified and accessible, but also safe in all possible situations.
  4. Create a space for now and for the future. We want to be forward-thinking and create a church home that leaves the next generations the flexibility to meet needs we cannot currently foresee.

The vestry is now ready to ask for your financial support to reach these goals. Below is both an Essentials Plan and an Ideal Plan that can each be implemented at the parish’s discretion depending on the success of this campaign.

The Essentials Plan: $1.3M would allow for:

  • Lowering the grade of our property so that we can gain entrance to the back of the parish hall (and thus safe and secure use of the basement level for Canterbury, Youth, Family Promise, and more.)
  • Increasing parking for the use of church attendees and our community, which will also increase revenue.
  • Establishing a green space, which will also be a recreation area for the Day School and our children.
  • Creating a clearer and safer entrance to our church from Hwy 93.


The Ideal Plan: An additional $300K would also allow for:

  • Building a pavilion.
  • Providing handicap access to the offices.
  • Constructing a covered, secure drop-off at the back of the church.
  • Creating an enclosed garden space at the front of the parish hall and additional egress for the security of the Day School.


We have launched a capital campaign, led by Kathy Hunter and Darren Linvill, to raise the necessary funds to begin work on this next phase of Holy Trinity’s development. The campaigned kicked off August 25, and other informal events will be announced in HT Notes and in the Sunday Bulletin. Please plan to join us!

Past generosity and foresight have led to the expansion of our church home with only a modest residual debt. We now enter this exciting phase in which those investments will bear fruit, creating new and inviting doors to our church for our parishioners and our community.

If you have questions about the project or pledging options, please contact one of us.

Hap Wheeler, Senior Warden, wheeler@clemson.edu , (864) 506-6518
Kathy Hunter, Co-chair, kjh1980@aol.com , (803) 422-3837
Darren Linvill, Co-chair, darrenl@clemson.edu , (864) 608-0668
Suz Cate, Rector, scate@holytrinityclemson.org , (864) 654-5071