Adult Christian Fellowship

Fall 2023

Join us as we find answers to modern day challenges in God’s Word.  Do you sometimes feel like the Bible and Christianity have lost relevance to your daily struggles?  Do you wish you had a loving, non judgmental place to share and find support?  Join us to grow, support and pray for one another.  Each Sunday at 9:30 AM we will gather to see what the Bible says to us and find God’s strength and peace as we study together.  

Our Adult Christian Bible study follows the same liturgical message as the Episcopal lectionary calendar so families can share what they learned in church during the week.

Fall 2023. This Fall we will weave messages from Bishop Michael Curry’s book, Crazy Christians, into our study of the Bible to deepen our understating of God’s call today.

Ellen Haase leads the group.  I am Senior Warden and a retired Executive Director of a major accountancy firm.  Along the way, I have made so many mistakes and gone in the wrong direction more times than I can count.  Still, my journey in Christian faith continues.