Education for Ministry is a wonderful program for anyone interested in exploring both personal and communal faith theologically and spiritually. It was developed at the School of Theology at Sewanee and has been a part of education at Holy Trinity for over 20 years. It is designed to promote deep and meaningful discussion for those wishing to live as believing, practicing Christians who are willing to look at questions both theological and cultural.

The group is small, usually between 6 and 12 and embraces all seekers regardless of background or theological bent. The program unfolds over a period of four years, though students sign up for only one year at time. Year one students study the Hebrew Scriptures, year two the New Testament, year three church history and year four Christian theologies and other world religions. We have a group discussion as well, using methods of theological reflection to examine the role of faith, scripture and tradition in our everyday decisions. We foster a safe and trusting atmosphere for exploration. If you are an EfM graduate, consider coming back to the group. The texts are new – not more big notebooks to carry around – and the discussion topics have been beautifully revised.

EfM meets on Mondays from 6-8:30 PM, beginning the third week of August and ending at the beginning of May. The tuition for 2018-2019 will be $375 which includes all materials. Scholarships are usually available for those who need them. We will be recruiting new members in May and June and welcome any interested persons to join us the first two weeks of April for a taste of the joys of this class. It is not possible to join this class mid year, so be ready to register this spring if you are interested.

We can promise that you will learn a great deal, question nearly all your theological assumptions and make new friends for life. Please contact Mel O’Day at or Chesley Rowe at for more information.

For additional information, including forms and curricula, please visit the official EfM website.