Godly Play

Instructors: Rebecca Eidson, Rachel Mayo, Carson Quillinan. Art Coordinator: Elaine McGuire

The Godly Play curriculum serves our Kindergarten through 1 st grade. Godly Play is a unique way to present stories of the Bible in a simple, natural form.

Bible stories are told using simple hands-on figures made of natural materials. The storyteller, serves as a “guide” to the truth being told. Then, sits back and asks, “I wonder …?” allowing the children to find their own way. The class is structured around an opening prayer, singing, and the telling of the Godly Play story of the week. The teacher and the children sit in a circle on the floor while the story is being told. Children are then encouraged to explore their thoughts, ideas and feelings about the story through expressive art following the presentation. After art, the children rejoin the circle for a simple “feast,” sharing blessings and prayers for others, followed by dismissal.

Pre-K Class

Instructors: Hap and Carolyn Wheeler

Believing that the best foundation for a life of faith is trusting that God loves us, we try to embody that love and to tell the Bible stories to the youngest listeners in a way that stresses that point of view.

Given the short attention span of this age group, we spend the first part of our time in play before going to the Davis Library for a special time together. We light the candles, look at the cross and the windows and share a Bible story, using stories from the Old Testament in the fall and stories about Jesus after Christmas. We hear the children’s thanksgivings (and sometimes concerns) and offer our simple prayer then end with a song and what seems to be their favorite part – extinguishing the candles, with each child having a turn with the snuffer. Returning to the classroom, we usually have a small project to help the children remember the story they just heard.

Faith Travelers (2nd–5th Grades)

Instructors: Julie and Harry Morse, Cara Robb, Travis Murphy and Mary Bridges

Like a pilgrimage, students in this class set out on a new, more independent path to explore their faith. Along the way, they enjoy being responsible for building their own community and looking after one another. They set up and care for a sacred space for prayer that nurtures their spiritual selves and sustains the group. They construct models for discovering the connections between the heart of ancient Biblical stories and our world now.

And, while following the way of Jesus, of “acting in the world as the body of Christ” with compassion and commitment, they grow more into all that they were created by God to be. We use the three year Episcopal Children’s Curriculum as a base to cover Old and New Testament themes and symbols, church history and sacraments, the liturgical year and our own Book of Common Prayer.