September 28, 2016

My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

As you probably know, I spent much of this past summer attending cottage meetings hosted by the leaders of each Neighborhood Group. At each one of those meetings, I asked two simple questions: What brought you to Holy Trinity? What keeps you here?

The stories that I’ve heard about how many of you came to this part of the Upstate are varied–many came to attend college at Clemson University and either stayed after graduation or came back some time later. Many came in order to teach at the University. Others followed spouses or parents; many of you found this area to be a wonderful place to raise families of your own.

Almost everyone came to Holy Trinity seeking a spiritual home that would nurture your faith in God. You came looking for a church that would give you the tools to share your faith in acts of loving service at church and in the community. You came to find a community that would support your dreams for raising your children to love Jesus as you do.

What I heard from those cottage meetings is that you found what you were looking for at Holy Trinity, and a whole lot more. You found a warm, welcoming, loving community with whom to worship the Risen Lord. You found a community of faith that challenges you to be your better self in loving and serving your neighbors. You found a sanctuary of beauty and grace where you can put aside the distractions and worries of a busy life and find peace as you worship our Risen Lord.

The coming year will be one of growth—spiritual growth as we get to know each other and begin to dream together about our common mission and ministry, as well as congregational growth as we welcome new members and perhaps even new staff.

All of those things are possible at Holy Trinity because God has blessed us with many gifts, by which our lives are sustained. And because of the faithful, and sometimes sacrificial, gifts of time, talent, and treasure that you and your brothers and sisters in Christ have offered back to God.

I invite you to join us in a time of prayerful discernment about the gifts you have received from God, and about what gifts you will offer back in thanksgiving.

Grace & peace to you,


The Rev. Suz Cate