2019 Annual Campaign for Mission & Ministry:

Holy Trinity Episcopal Parish & Historic St. Paul’s Church

…to love with the heart of Christ, think with the mind of Christ, and act in the world as the Body of Christ.

The Hopes and Dreams of Holy Trinity Episcopal Parish

The Vestry, Wardens, and Rector have spent considerable time discerning the core values at the heart of the parish. Those values are clear: Holy Trinity Episcopal Parish values worship, community, and service. That is where our heart is, and that is where we employ the gifts of time, talent, and treasure that God has given us. We are uniquely positioned in Clemson and, with St. Paul’s, in Pendleton to be a beacon of hope for the distressed, a helping hand for the needy, and a refuge for the weary.

Annual Giving

Each fall the parish conducts a pledge drive through which we urge all members to make a financial as well as time commitment – a pledge – to the mission and ministry of the parish for the coming year. The Statement of Mission for 2019 will reflect the costs of growing in mission and ministry.

How Much to Pledge?

Each person must decide. These guidelines might help:

  • Be intentional and prayerful.
  • Pledge a proportion of your income that gets your attention, an amount that makes an impact on your life.
  • This year, we ask you to prayerfully consider pledging at least 5% more that you did last year.
  • Pledges are confidential.

Five Reasons to Pledge Support Holy Trinity and St. Paul’s

5. That feeling when you cross “return pledge card” off your long to-do list.

4. Continue to provide Clemson students with opportunities to cook breakfast for a large crowd every six weeks or so.

3. Christmas Eve at St. Paul’s.

2. Priority parking on Sunday. (Wait, you didn’t know that?)

1. Kanuga Parish Weekend!

But the main reason is…

Jesus said, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

Whatever reasons appeal to your heart, please return your card to the church by November 11, 2018.

Myths about Pledging at Holy Trinity Episcopal Parish

The church doesn’t need my money.
Actually, the ministry and staff positions funded by our annual operating budget are funded almost exclusively by parishioners. Without your money, Holy Trinity simply couldn’t do what we do.

The church gets most of its money from a few wealthy members.
All of our parishioners are very generous. We receive pledges of all sizes, and we are thankful for each and every one of them, because we need each and every pledge! If you don’t give, then who will?

I’m worried I wouldn’t be able to fulfill my pledge, so I’m just going to give when I can.
Your pledge is so much more than the money it represents. Your pledge is a sign of your commitment to the mission and ministry of Holy Trinity Episcopal Parish. Your pledge of financial support is also your promise to love with the heart of Christ, to think with the mind of Christ, and to act in the world as the Body of Christ.

How to Make a Pledge…

There are two simple ways to pledge to Holy Trinity Episcopal Parish:

  • Fill out the pledge form you received in the mail and return it to the church office, or
  • Make an online pledge by clicking here, which will take you take you to a secure page, where you can log in if you’ve already set up an online profile, or you can create a new one. Please contact Lynne Farmer at lfarmer@holytrinityclemson.org or (864) 654-5071 if you need help setting this up.  Please note that we still need to receive a pledge card from you, even if you currently give on line or plan to do so.

    2018 Pledge Summary
    Total Number of Pledges: 147
    Average Pledge Amount: $3,310.00
    Pledges Increased: 47
    New Pledges: 20
    Total Amount Pledged: $486,235.00

    For More Information:
    Please contact Stewardship Chair Bill McDaniel at wmcdaniel3@nctv.com or Mtr. Suz at scate@holytrinityclemson.org.

My Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ,

Every day I give thanks for you! I am so grateful for your generosity to Holy Trinity, giving faithfully in support of the mission and ministry of the parish. Because of your generosity, we are in a position to proclaim the Gospel boldly from our place on the Holy Hill across from Clemson University. In the two years I’ve been here at Holy Trinity, we have added worship services to our schedule that broaden the range of worship experiences and provided opportunities for those who otherwise could not join us for worship to do so. Our Thursday evening healing service is going strong, and we have a thriving worship community at Clemson Downs that gathers once a month. We have been able to make use of our wonderful space at St. Paul’s to honor our Anglican choral tradition with services of Evensong and Lessons and Carols.

We have more work to do: growing our Canterbury and Youth Ministries, supporting our families in nurturing their children in the faith, and improving communication within the parish and with the mission field. The Vestry, Staff, Ministry Team leaders, and I are working to build a parish structure to empower and enable our movement into a period of dynamic discipleship, and we couldn’t do that without you.

Matthew 6:21 says “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” Giving financially to support the mission and ministry of Holy Trinity is not something to do because it is an obligation that is imposed on you. We pray that any gift is given from the heart and in thanksgiving for the blessings God has bestowed upon you through worship, community, and service in this gathering of disciples of Jesus Christ.

This year the Vestry, the Stewardship Ministry Team, and I ask you to pray and to look deeply into your hearts to consider the gifts that God has given you. We ask you to ponder the value of Holy Trinity in your life and in the life of your family. I invite you to join us in a time of prayerful discernment about what gifts you have received from God, and about what gifts you will offer back in thanksgiving. Then please return your pledge card in the envelope provided by November 11 so that we can plan for more great blessings to come in 2019. As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call me. My number is 864-364-1952.

Grace & peace to you,