Finding Our Balance

I have just come in from a quiet morning of kayaking on Week’s Bay on the Gulf Coast of Alabama. I have spent the week preparing for the work of this afternoon, which is to write a Rule of Life for myself. However, our retreat leader reminded us as we entered this time of quiet meditation, the Rule of Life isn’t for our own benefit only. It is also for the benefit of the Church. Healthy clergy are necessary for the life of the Body of Christ.

The Rule of Life that I am developing will be discerned and designed to support the life of the Body of Christ as it is known at Holy Trinity. I aim to achieve the sort of balance in my life that allows me to be present in the life of the parish for our ministry together.

As I was out on the bay this morning, I noticed the rhythm of paddling into the wind, which was invigorating. It was exciting to feel the forward movement of the kayak. It was equally wonderful to turn my back to the wind and float along the waves, taking time to watch the pelicans dive into the bay and to reflect on the time that we have spent together, so far.

This balance between active movement and quiet reflection is important for sustaining the overall movement of Holy Trinity. There may be times when some of us will be actively paddling into the wind to make headway, while others of us are floating and reflecting, doing the necessary work of praying and preparing our hearts for the work ahead of us.

The important thing is that we are all in this boat together, and we are held in God’s hands as we move along, together.

At the Celebration of New Ministry at which I will be installed as your Rector, we will pray together the Litany for the Mission of the Church. We will ask God to touch our eyes, our ears, our hearts, our feet, and our hands, that we might be equipped for our ministry together on our Holy Hill.

As we lean into the mission of thinking with the mind of Christ, loving with the heart of Christ, and acting in the world as the Body of Christ, I pray that we will all be empowered by God to find balance in our lives to be healthy as the Body of Christ so that we can help to bring that healing light into our community and the world.