REVISED 3/21: We have tried to streamline these instructions.

If you have a Facebook account: Simply go to our Facebook page (@HolyTrinityClemson) and look for the menu item “Videos” … if we are on live, an extra little “Live Now” indicator will appear. Use either the native Facebook app on your phone or tablet, or a web browser on a PC or Mac.

If you do not have a Facebook account, you must use a web browser, regardless of which device you are using. For iPhone/iPad that would be Safari, and on Android devices it’s Chrome. For PC/Mac users, use the browser of your choice. Go to this link and ignore any requests Facebook might make to join. The webcasts are public and you should be able to watch.

Those who are watching without a Facebook account will not be able to make comments or otherwise interact with the video. Those with an account can “like,” add comments, etc., while the video is playing.

If none of the above works for you, email me at and I’ll try to help.